There are a few things you should know before we go any further:

I am the only child of San Francisco hippy-circus runaway-storytelling-Buddhists.

I was born and raised in the RustBelt city of Cleveland.

I currently live in London with my New Zealander-Croatian husband and a little human we created. We met on safari in Africa and got engaged in Istanbul.

I spent my 20's in self-inflicted academic turmoil. I have a PhD and once ran away with the circus. These items are linked. 

I have held the position of reluctant housewife longer than any other job, some of which include: museum manager, sexual health care provider, waitress, dance teacher, university lecturer, educational actor, and circus performer.

Sarcasm often gets lost in text.  Assume a level of sarcasm and it will all make more sense. 

These are the random ramblings, rantings and soul searching that come with trying to keep myself and my family happy (or just alive) in a house where time begins (Greenwich Mean Time, that is). 

The exploits you read here sometimes only bear a tangential resemblance to the ‘truth.’ I’m a storyteller and memory is a curious thing. Mine has a tendency to revise history. 

Wanna swap stories?  I love a good yarn.

arielgraphy12 [at] gmail [dot] com

or, in 140 or less...