Other Places

This is my attic
"As with attics, so it is with lives.  Bits and pieces accidentally thrown together revealing stories the owners may not have expected." (updated infrequently)

Squaring Up
"2 girls, 2 countries, 2 journeys...a thousand stitches, a million stories."  A place for quilting stories.

Our 1 year anniversary
"These photos ... were about setting the tone for the years to come and celebrating this shift in our focus."

A rave about the lovely photographer, Dasha Caffrey
"There were hundreds of people roaming the streets and green spaces but in these photos it is just us two celebrating each other and our marriage."

The brainy one
OpenSpace Research Centre at The Open University
The school responsible for the PhD at the end of my name and my first entry visa (the 'red circus truck and yellow ropes' photo is also from my field work)

Geography and Memory: explorations in identity, place and becoming from palgrave/macmillan
My name in print in an actual book with pages and everything (Chapter 11: Moving through memory: notes from a circus lot)

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