Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Snot-nosed ramblings

Well hello!

This is earlier than expected.  But I'm bored and it's raining.  Why not shake things up?

As I write, The Queen* is 'officially' opening some touristy-historical spots in my City Centre.  As a volunteer of one of those tourist-historical spots I could be enjoying the Royal sighting with a special view. 

But it's raining, again.

And I have bright yellow snot, again.

So it goes. 

I'm pretty much writing off the month of April.  It has been nothing but rain and snot.  At least that is my lasting memory of the month.  The photos on my phone tell me there were some moments of sun but those memories are hazy and squiggy around the edges.  That must be the snot taking up residence in my brain.

Simply put, the quicker this month is behind me, the better. 

In other news, I applied for a job that has the potential to be the elusive 'dream job.' I was diligent about this one and attempted some networking, put quality work into the CV and cover letter, and convinced myself I was the perfect candidate in order to also convince the HR intern whose job it is to short-list candidates** that I am the perfect candidate...

We'll see.  It's all a crap shoot. 

This faux spring is not bringing around the rebirth I usually expect from this time of year.  In fact it is doing just the opposite and causing hibernation tendencies. I haven't gone for a run in over a month and the lack of exercise is definitely beginning to take its toll. I haven't been writing and the creative juices/chops are going the way of the snotty tissues (in the trash).
I'm even in a cooking rut and can't be asked to crack the food magazine I obsessively buy every month to find something new and interesting. 

I'm so desperate for sun and warmth I've taken to stalking the EasyJet website and fantasizing about impulsively booking two tickets for a weekend anywhere in a four-hour flight radius that can guarantee me sun and temperatures above 50F/10C.  If you've ever had the pleasure of a four-hour EasyJet flight you can understand how desperate the situation has become.  If you haven't, well, consider yourself lucky.  Hell is upholstered in orange and grey. 

Alas, looking at old holiday snaps will have to suffice. Not the same at all.

It might be time to re-instate the tradition of the 'Winter Burn-off' party. 

* HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Her Royal Majesty, Queenie?  I have no idea about the proper etiquette for this kind of thing but I'm sure it's included in some journalism stylebook somewhere or at the very least on the 'Life in Britian' exam. Today I can't be asked to find out. Bad former journalism student.

** I'm assuming it's an intern sorting through the hundreds of applications. Let's just hope they aren't too disgruntled by the time they get to my application in the pile. Or maybe that's what I need.  A disgruntled intern that throws my wacky CV in the mix to stick it to 'the man' just enough to feel rebellious but not enough to get fired. Let's face it, no one wants to go from sorting CVs to sending CVs.

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  1. Best of luck with the dream job!! Sounds like you deserve some cosmic energies your way! Though times for us social sciency PhDed ones.... keep trying - something good will come from it! xxx