Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Safe is where I'll keep you

A thermometer in your crib 
(which reads too hot)

The sturdy pram
(because the streets of London are rough)

A thermometer in your room
(which reads too cold)

Two baby books
(because it would be irresponsible to completely wing it)

A thermometer in your bath
(which only gives three options)

Bumpers in your crib
(to which the health worker says no, but your flailing arms say yes)

One Bourbon
(because it would be irresponsible to completely stress out)

Breast milk
(because, luckily, we can)

The video monitor
(because sleeping quietly is rare for you and mummy and daddy worry)

20 minute breathing checks
(see above)

A red bit of string
(to keep away evil spirits)


  1. So sweet. So wonderful. Babies are incredible.

  2. I love reading about all of these new things you are going through. It takes me back to when Xavier was born (19 months ago) and all of the stress, smiles, etc. I went through :)