Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Passport Stamps

I live an international life. I don’t travel that frequently and can usually be found in my living room watching daytime TV.  That in itself can be an international life in the ‘Global Sense of Place’- sense.  (As a professional free-lance Geographer I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in fact all of us live a life full of international influences based on current commodity chains, etc.  And as interesting and eye opening as those chains can be, that’s not the international I’m dealing with here). 
I am originally from Cleveland, OH.  I currently reside in London, UK.  I am married to a New Zealander with full Croatian heritage.  We met on Safari in Africa. 
This is what I mean about my international life.  The cultural influences of Midwest America (with touches of psychedelic California), Croatia, New Zealand and London combine in a flat where time begins. Literally.  We experience midnight one minute before the Royal Observatory. 
This apple & prosciutt pie with silver fern motif is a surprisingly yummy mix, but there is the odd flavour  burst that can make the mixture a bit more surprising. 
This blog isn’t about that, necessarily.  But it helps to give background.  This blog is the opportunity to write about my everyday journeys.  I don’t tend to go far, but my head tends to go a lot further.   

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