Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sun Salutation

I am nursing a ‘sort-a cold’ today.  This means a bit of self-indulgence and some writing.
For a while now I have been having a bit of a ‘what now’ re-thinking phase.  Part of that is about getting fitter.   1. Because it seems cheaper than buying all new clothes.   2. It’s probably a good idea in general.   3. I live in London where everyone always looks fabulous.
Part of this getting fitter idea is going to the gym regularly.  If once a week is regular, then ‘check.’  But I also wanted to get back into yoga.  I have yet to find an instructor that was as good as the one I had at the Watford gym.  So I purchased a few DVDs.  Last year.  Today I decided, enough, stop the talk, start the walk.  So I poured myself a second cup of coffee (self-indulgence step one, staying in PJs step two) and put the DVD on.  Gilmore Girls is in an hour.  Plenty of time to preview the DVD. 
That’s right, I’m not actually participating today, just previewing.  I did say that I am sorta-a sick.  I have a stabby headache and can’t be asked to put my contacts in just yet, so participating would mean my glasses either falling off every time I ‘downwarded dog’ or steaming up from the heat generating moves (incidentally I just typed ‘god’, what’s that joke about the insomniac, agnostic, dyslexic?).
THe preview is going well.  No new-ageing talk or incense.  It is an outdoor setting and gentle voice, but I have yet to hear about getting in touch with my inner anything.  In my search for a good yoga instructor I took a class at my gym.  I have yet to go back to those classes.  First, it was in a tiny dark room, not usually a problem, but the instructor insisted on burning incense and reminding me to find my inner peace the entire time.  Second, she was chubbier than I and not nearly as flexible.  I’m all for all shapes and sizes getting fit and serving as instructors, but I want to have confidence in my instructor.  How are you going to inspire me to push harder, if I have already surpassed you? Thundercats are not Go.
Back to the DVD.  Still looking good.  Definitely not for beginners, but I’m not a beginner.  I might be able to knock this off each morning.  I mean what else do I have to do?  I’m not working. Or at least not gainfully.  I am suppose to be writing some chapters and articles.  Eh.  Not all that interested.  At least not today.  Some days I am very excited about being an academic and doing research, then I read a ‘call for papers’ and I think, seriously? Why do I want to work with these people? Who cares about post-socialist understandings of mobility processes in urban settings?  How is this helpful? My academic training would tell me that these types of investigations can help us understand how spaces are approached and understood by society to help us better society.  But then the reality of the situation, that this research isn’t going beyond this mailing list of academic, hits me and I think, what is the point?
See, the DVD is working already, my mind is clearing, I am fully aware of myself despite no new-age speak.  I am fully aware that I can’t breathe in academia.  At least not here in the platinum elite black-American-Express-card circle that I inadvertently inserted myself when I joined Open University on a last-ditch attempt to get a visa in order to stay in the country with my (then) boyfriend (now) husband.  So now that I am fully aware of myself, what next? 
.............................................................No inspiration from the DVD.  Maybe some new age babble should be added in the relaxation section.   

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