Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Salad with a side of Fries

It’s Tuesday Fit-Day.  A weekly meditation on fitness goals, successes and failures.  Thinking about it once a week is a step toward making it a part of everyday.

The first Fit-Day back and I was at a loss as to what to write about.  So I went for a short run.  I didn’t get it in yesterday due to post-vaca chores.  But back into it today.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I did the short run.  The first K and a half was painful.  A few months ago I would have stopped and walked, it was that painful.  But I knew I could keep going because I have done it before.  It’s like in the third Harry Potter, when he produces the patronus to ward off the Dementors because he had already done it, without the time travel element (apologies to readers that don’t know Harry Potter references, I feel a little sorry for you).   So I was feeling horrible, but I kept going, kept trying to find my pace again.  By the time the turn-off for the longer run came up I was feeling that I could probably do it, but I knew I needed to pace myself.  Nothing like going whole hog and then feeling like crap and not going back out there.  So the short run for this week.
I came back from holiday only three pounds heavier.  Not bad.  We did two workouts on the boat, both in the first week.  Both times we used the on-board gym.  It can be a bit tricky running on a treadmill that is also rocking with the boat.  It took us about a week and a half to figure out that you could run around the boat on the promenade deck.  By the time we had figured that out we were more interested in finding the next island bar and local brew. 
But I don’t think it was the workouts that limited the weight gain (especially since we were drinking way more than we normally do).  It was our months of being aware of what we eat.  We didn’t partake in the bread offering at dinner.  We had fruit every morning (although I also had two croissants with butter as well.  Butter and butter.  YUM!).  Most days we had a big salad for lunch (with a side of fries and dessert.  We were on holiday after all.)  In the second week, we had a personal pizza for lunch more often than a salad, followed by a double scoop of honey & ginger ice cream.  We may have found the three pounds. 
So overall, I think the holiday can be counted as a success in more ways than one.  I mean I haven’t had a tan this great since I was a kid and spent all summer outside.  Everyone knows a tan alone takes off five pounds.  So if we factor that in…..I actually lost two pounds!  Woo Hoo!!!

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