Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Since our return from the cruise I have been desperate to keep my tan.  I am moisturising like crazy.  I alternate between thick shea nut butter, Bio Oil, and gradual self tanning lotion.  I have also resisted shaving my legs. 
I finally caved the other day.  When you kick your husband away for scratching your legs with his raggety toenails and then you realize it’s your own leg stubble, it’s time.
And with that, I introduce my new subject tag; Topography.  Devoted to the description of my surface.
Nothing dirty, just good, clean grooming and clothing habits.  I’m not a style-maven by any stretch of the imagination, but I try (and usually fail), so why not write about it?

Speaking of shaving, here are my tips for smooth legs without waxing.  (Which you haven’t asked for and which any woman over 13 has probably gotten to grips with, but is something it has taken me awhile to get right, or at least right in my estimation).  Waxing routinely leaves me with ingrown hairs and strips of missed hair (apparently the hair on my calves grows in a spiral pattern and has bested every waxing technician I have met).  Not really worth the pain and sticky aftermath, in my opinion.  First, I exfoliate.  I occasionally use a store bought scrub, but I have found coffee grounds to work better.  I’m serious.  The coffee grounds you throw away everyday can be used as an awesome exfoliator.  I keep them in a Tupperware-type container in the shower and continually top it up.  Apparently, the caffeine also tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.  I have not noticed these effects.  Does anyone?  (note: it can be a bit messy in the shower and might make hair clogs worse. Sacrifices.)
I then proceed with the shaving. Lots of lather and a nearly-new razor (because my razors seem to go dull as soon as they leave the packaging).  At the end of the shower, I pat dry and then moisturize with Bio Oil.  I discovered the benefits of Bio Oil while I was on the circus.  If you have the patience, it really does make a difference in uneven skin tone and reducing scars.  It works best when the skin is still moist.  However, it can take awhile to soak in so you might have to wander around in the buff for awhile (an added bonus?).
With that, go forth and show off those lovely pins.   

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