Friday, 20 May 2011

Head from Hades

Yesterday I thought I was dying or something. 
I usually have a dull ache headache through *this* entire week.  But this week I have had throbbing headaches.  Like hard to concentrate, throbbing headaches.  But yesterday, it turned into the headache from hades.  No joke.  I was feeling productive and wanted to get some work done so I took some ibuprofen and 30 minutes later I thought my head was going to split open from my nose to my neck.  Seriously.  I know I have the flare for the dramatic, but this was seriously the worse pain I had ever experienced.  I was stumbling around the house trying to find something to make it better.  I drank a bunch of water thinking I was dehydrated, then I hate some heavy food thinking I was hungry.  Then I started to throw up, violently.  Which did my head no favours. 
I was desperate to figure out what was wrong.  First I thought maybe it was TSS because they wouldn’t put that warning on the box if there wasn’t a chance, so I immediately executed a removal.  Of course, no difference.  Because it’s never TSS.  Then I started to get shaky.  I briefly thought about calling 999 but, as always, I wouldn’t be able to open the door and they would have to break it down and it’s a rental…
My head was splitting open (in two directions now), I was violently puking, and now I was cold.  Maybe I had a fever.  Then I thought of a second diagnosis.  All this plus the hormone spike last week, I was sure, ectopic pregnancy.  Now this is no joke.  I kept putting it out of my mind, because there was no way, but it kept sneaking in.  So I got Pete to pick up a test.  Of course, my eggo isn’t preggo (you can breathe now, Mom).  Finally, I emptied my stomach and crawled into bed with a wet washcloth and tried to empty my head and breathe evenly. 
Eventually it went back to a throbbing ache, as long as I didn’t move.  Pete came home and cleaned up the detritus, rewet my washcloth, got me some ginger ale, made me some toast and apples, and then ordered Chinese.  I got me a good man. 
So what was it?  Did I just experience my first migraine?  If so, what’s the trigger?  I was mending Pete’s new sports coat when it got called up to the show.  So was it the sports coat or was it the domesticity?  Hhhmmmmmm……….

It’s Friday!!  (and Eliza Doolittle Day) Welcome to ‘The Chronicles of a Reluctant Housewife’ where I document my love/hate relationship with my current occupation.

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