Tuesday, 17 May 2011

to the Maxx

It’s Tuesday Fit-Day.  An occasional  meditation on fitness goals, successes and failures. 

There was a lot of concern after my post on Friday.  Thank you all.  It was a demon day and I am better.  By Friday evening I was fine.  I went out for my run and got dressed up for a new friend’s birthday dinner.  Saturday was a great day.  We headed out to our local farmer’s market-our usual meat and scone guys weren’t there which was a bummer, but we did pick up some fabulous asparagus.  We returned home and noticed the ‘Rockers’ were making their rounds.  They were at the end of the block and moving fast.  We dashed inside, pee-ed, and dashed back out.  We were headed to T.K.Maxx.  I wanted to get a new baking tin and we are constantly on the look-out for a nice salt pig (or is it pit?)
Still no pig, but I did find a baking tin, a pair of brown lace-ups, corn-holders in the shape of wiener dogs (hilarious!!), a new carry-on bag, a sport coat for Pete (90% off) and a Calvin Klein suit for me.   I have never owned a suit, and have never wanted to, but this was very cute.  I’m still working on my ‘dress for success’ adventure (made it almost all the way through last week. ACHIEVEMENT!) so I decided to try it on, why not. I got into the changing room and realized the suit was a size I have vehemently refused to believe exists.   D*MN!!!  I was already undressed so I figured, what the hell, live on the edge!  It was a risk considering my Demon Thursday, but I took a deep breath and pulled at the zipper.  I kept pulling and before I knew it, it was up.  I was in.  No wiggling, no twisting, no sucking in.  I was in a size stupid pencil skirt with no weird bulges. 
I walked out to where Pete was waiting and a big smile spread across his face and then mine too.  Needless to say, the suit is now residing in my closet.  Let’s hope I get the chance to break it out soon.
Let me be clear.  I never believed in these low digit sizes and never wanted to be this size.  I was aiming for a mid-single digit, the size I was when I met Pete.  Seriously.  I didn’t think a low-digit was possible in the Ariel world, and to be honest, it scares me a little.  I think I might be at the maintaining stage.  As of last night’s weigh-in, I’m about 5 pounds from my goal weight.  I don’t know if that five pounds will make a difference in sizing, but I think I am ready to start maintaining.  I don’t want to jump the gun.  I’m waiting to go jeans shopping.  That is the true measure of size for me.  Finding a great pair of jeans.  I have to tell you, I am dying to get to the maintenance stage.  I am dying to snack on something other than fruit again.  Although that could be a slippery slope.  However, we had tacos last night.  We haven’t had tacos since January.  It’s was time.  And delicious. Although, in a fit of health-awareness, we did use turkey mince instead of beef.  To be honest, no real difference, still awesome.

In other fit-day news, I run 5K twice a week and have done for about three weeks now.  And everytime has been under 40 minutes.  ACHIEVEMENT! It is still really hard, but I am keeping at it.  Add to that, I am running in shorts.  Shorts!!  Here’s something I didn’t know; it’s easier to run in shorts than to walk in them.  Why is this? Am I the only one to experience this?    
We went swimming at our gym on Sunday.  It was exhausting.  Again, why is that?  Swimming for 30 minutes only earns me 2 activity points whereas running for the same amount of time earns me 6.  I was more exhausted on Sunday (and for longer) than I am after running.  Surely that deserves more activity points?  Whatever.  I’m feeling good and that’s the point. 

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