Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To the Finish*

12-11.  Old Friends
I spent the weekend catching up with old friends.  Except calling them old friends seems off somehow.  They have been my friends for over at least 10 years now, and some have been around my entire life, so I guess that qualifies as ‘old’ but I still keep in regular contact with them via the wonder that is the internet.  The term ‘old’ friend brings up images of people you haven’t spoken to in years and are surprised, on meeting up, that they have grown or shrunk or have three kids hanging off them. 
It’s funny, though.  We don’t have a lot to catch up on.  Life is just puttering on as usual.  There are no great adventures to detail or relationship drama to discuss.  We have all settled into that part of life where it is an even keel with occasional swells here and there but nothing really to write home about.  That’s not to say we don’t enjoy hearing about the gentle sways of domestic life, but the meet-ups become more an opportunity to see each other.  To remember what the voice of your friend sounds like and to recognize the familiar gestures, again. 
That’s a lot of babble and just a long way of saying that I am very thankful for the friends that have stuck with me despite my ‘foreign’ resident status. 

10-9.  Mum’s foot
Well, not really.  But her unexpected sprain on Friday night provided the opportunity to do some returns Monday morning which resulted in some Christmas shopping as well. 
We still aren’t sure how she did it.  One second she was fine, the next she was on the ground.  I would say too much wine, but she didn’t drink any (as far as I know, maybe she was sneaking some on her trips to the bathroom).  Luckily, due to the pack-rat tendencies of the house (or the ability to see prop/scenery potential in every item) there were a few foot related medical supplies (a ‘moon’ boot and crutches) around the house to keep her mobile.  The doctor says she should be good to go in a few weeks and added yet another item to the medical-themed costume/prop shop in the basement.
However, this does mean that there is only room for two people on the couch in the TV room, but I watch too much as it is. 
So, I am thankful that I was around to get her to the doctor on Monday and look forward to seeing how the new addition to the costume shop turns up in one of her classroom productions.

8.  Cheap tickets
I am the first to lament the days of classy travel.  I physically shudder whenever I see adults in a velour tracksuit, or any such attire that could classify as pajamas, checking in at the counter.  I’m all for comfort and I understand that the seats are getting smaller and comfort is less and less important in Standard class flying, but take a little care.  Please!! 
However, that being said, I am thankful Pete can get a cheap-ish flight (it’s all relative, really) to come over for Thanksgiving weekend.  It is a big sacrifice on his part. It’s a long way to go for just a few days and he is taking a red-eye back to work, which I know will bite him in the ass, but I am overly excited to pick him up from the airport. 
I think the family is probably excited to see him too.  (Maybe more than they are to see me).

*I am ending the Days of Thanks on Thanksgiving.  It seems appropriate as my head immediately turns to my birthday and Christmas by Saturday.  Also, let's be honest, I will just assign the last few days to Pete like I did last year.

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