Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Inspi(red) Treats

**Girly alert** The following post is directed at mammary-bearing readers, mostly.

Tomorrow is my birthday and while it isn’t a major birthday I decided to treat myself to some new (and good) frillies.  I went to Rigby & Peller (Corsetieres to the Queen).  The experience and outcome was amazing and well worth the price tag.  These ladies are so good that they just look at your lovelies and produce at least 4 bras that fit perfectly.  The shop is lovely and tiny, all bras tucked away in drawers.  No opportunity for all that lace and colour to divert or distract you from the right fit.  These ladies offer you a beautiful dressing room with a lovely silk robe and just make you look and feel better than ever. 
I was wearing two sizes too small and never realized how much affect this had on my posture and my back.  I tend to have fairly good posture, but my back hurts at the end of the day.  Today, no problem.  Awesome.
If you’re in London, ladies.  Make a call and book yourself in for a consult.  Well worth the trip. 

On another note, if you pass a Starbucks today (it would take a real effort to not pass one) buy a coffee.  Ignore the charred taste because today, on World AIDS Day, they will donate £1 ($.40) for each coffee sold to the Product (RED) campaign which helps people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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