Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WW week one: Gold Star

It was a success.  Three pounds down.  Of course it is now the week before Christmas, and while we don’t have the problem of being forced to eat at a never-ending succession of Christmas parties and dinners with work, friends and family, we do have Christmas cookies.  I can’t let Christmas pass without making cookies.  The likelihood of losing any poundage this week (or next) is low.  So my strategy for this week (notice I am already taking up the lingo) is to maintain. 
Yesterday, the first day of my second week, was a difficult day.  I would have probably stayed within my daily point allowance (even with a dinner of beef tacos) except that I decided to have cookies for breakfast.  Oops.  But here’s the thing that weight watchers has really done for me, I went to the gym.  An aerobics class, no less. Here’s why: I can earn activity points which kind of ‘counteract’ the over-spillage. 
The whole thing is like being back in school and earning gold stars for good grades.  I was always someone that lived for gold stars.  I won’t get into the sub-text of gold star desperation, but yeah (!) for a gold star!!!
I suspect it is easy to lose at the beginning as you’re body is in a bit of shock about the lack of food (although I was only really hungry the first two days).  Once the stomach shrinks back down to a normal size, it probably won’t be as drastic.  I also have no idea what will happen if/when I get a job.  But we’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  For now, maintain across the holidays.  Translation: no cookie bingeing!!

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