Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Eats

Are these the most awesome Easter treat ever????

Here is a partial list of the food and drink we (each) consumed over this weekend.  (P.S. we feel like crap)
-5 pints of shitty beer (add an extra two beers and a bourbon & Coke for Pete), reheated turkey burger
-breaded fish (salt & cracked black pepper breading) with salt & vinegar chips, mussels with pasta and white wine sauce (YUM!!) and sugar snap peas, white wine, quiche
-lots o porridge with syrup, four sausages, five chicken wings, potato & chorizo salad, 3 bottles of beer, chocolate muffin, smoothie, quiche
-four slices of french toast with syrup (and fruit for good measure), quiche, barbeque lamb, potatoes, broccoli, white wine, Easter basket chocolate, left-over Turkish delight
-Easter basket chocolate, porridge, salad with ginger chicken strips, two sausages, mash potatoes, garlic spinach (we tried to end on a healthy note), kiwi-chocolate smoothie.

 Over the break I decided to clear out my cupboards.  Here is another partial list of the more interesting items I found...
-a full open package of dried angel hair pasta (with mould spots).
-a litre of lime cordial which met its 'best by' date two years ago.  It smelled like an industrial solvent.  I threw it down the toilet. I figure it can do something about the limescale.
-a box of tea leaves bought in Christmas of '06. Which I served to my mum when she visited a few weeks ago.  She promptly bought a new bag.  I will throw that out in another 5 years.
-a pot of banana-flavoured powder, also expired over two years over.  As I threw it away, the smell was so sickly sweet, I gagged.
-an almost full bag of wholewheat flour, 3 years passed its 'best by' date, also with mould on the bag. 
-half a bag of oatbran as old as the wholewheat flour. (I believe both this and the whole wheat flour were bought when I was making gluten-free bread four years ago.  Obviously, that endeavor was wildly successful.)

Let me pause here to point out that we moved into this flat 19 months ago.  Stop and do the math.  That means that when we moved, we (I) packed up expired food and moved it with us and painstakingly stored it away in our new cupboards.  Housewife fail. 

-and finally, 5 packages of cran-raisins in various stages of consumption.  Obviously, we like our cran-raisins, but not enough to finish a whole pack before it gets lost at the back of the cupboard and I buy more. 

Part of the reason I went through the cupboards was because I just two boxes of 'Easy' yeast packets and 'citrus peel' for Hot Cross Buns and needed to find a place to store them.  I didn't get around to making them.  After all that food from above, I couldn't fathom making a dozen hot cross buns and Croatian peach cookies (which I had planned).

I have to go 'weigh-in' now.  I'm not holding out much hope for a 'good' number.  I managed to maintain last week, I don't think I will be so lucky this week. 

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