Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Splitting Hairs

I got excited to write about my topography.  I felt like I was finally getting a handle on this stuff.  It’s superficial, I know.  But after years of never really feeling confident in my skin, I was feeling good about being in my thirties.  My acne was finally clearing up and I was down to just getting those cute little pimples that disappear in a day instead of the painful mountains that hang around for months and cause scarring because I can’t stop picking at my face.  I finally accepted my flat, limp, poker straight hair and we have been having a very nice relationship since.  So I decided to start writing about this journey of coming to grips with what I have to work with.  (While grammatical-unsound, that last sentence has a nice rhythm.  At least in my head).
Then it all started to fall apart again.  My nails (which have always been my go-to feature) started flaking and peeling uncontrollably, my skin started erupting again, and,  horror of horrors, today I plucked a chin hair that had a split end!!!
Let’s ignore the fact that I have chin hairs to pluck-but a split end to boot?  How much damage can a chin hair be exposed to, really?  I’m not applying excessive heat or product. Or any heat or product.  Although, wouldn’t that be a conversation starter-“Yes, I like to use a combination of mousse, round brush, and low heat to achieve this perfect pig-tail curl.”
Clearly, I got a little over-confident and my body wanted to remind me who is really calling the shots. 

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