Monday, 4 July 2011

the 4th

Being an American living outside America is, at times, difficult.  I probably don't need to tell a lot of you that Americans are not necessarily loved around the globe.  It is an interesting mix of being proud of your heritage and apologizing for decisions that you had no business in making.  Most of the time I try to keep my nationality to myself (I have been known to claim Canada as my homeland, I apologize).  However, I am in no danger of giving up the American passport.  If I end up in some bizarre hostage/kidnap/mistaken identity scenario, I want the Marines/S.E.A.Ls/Rangers swooping in to my rescue. 

Beyond that travel insurance, here are some things I miss, and love, about my America, especially today...

1) Seasons-I am desperate for a proper summer and winter.
2) Parades
3) Fireworks
4) Baseball games with proper hot dogs and stadium mustard
5) speaking of hot dogs, Mac n Cheese
6) Porches
7) Fireflies
8) Screens
9) BBQs with roasted corn on the cob and inappropriately competitive volleyball games
10) cold beer

circa 2006
4th of July and beating the Yankees. 

Tonight, in a mini celebration, we are dusting off the grill for some hamburgers and corn.  I have on my red, white & blue and Pete bought some Samuel Adams which has been in the fridge for two days (revisit #10).  We have an 'American' playlist in the works and I will hang some fairy lights along the clothes line to replicate fireflies. 

Not too shabby. 


  1. Happy 4th to you! We're also going to grill tonight in America's honor (none of this 'honour' business!).

    Only I've got Yuengling in the beer fridge instead of Sam Adams. :)


  2. Awww, I so understand! Being far away from home, wherever you re from is always hard. It's funny what things one appreciates when far away. When at home we probably dont even think much about them. There are loads of things I miss about America - helpful people, donaughts, boardwalks, New York, customer service)) I think the country even smells different)) would love to go back one day x