Friday, 8 July 2011

Reluctant Round-up

It’s Friday!  Welcome to ‘The Chronicles of a Reluctant Housewife’ where I document my love/hate relationship with my current occupation.

I seem to have broken my toe. 
Or at least seriously bruised my toe. 
I’m not sure when it happened, but the other night I realized the weight of the duvet on my toe was excruciating.  The next morning I noticed that it was significantly warmer to the touch than the other toes.  Oh, and the throbbing hadn’t stopped.  Yesterday I removed my toenail polish, gingerly, to check the colour underneath.  Purple.  Not good.  This means that I might very well loose the nail at some point this summer.  In the season of pretty toenails I will be slowly losing one. 
I guess the silver lining is that the British summer may be on the downward slope.  It’s a bittersweet silver lining. 
How did this happen without my knowledge?  How did I injury my toe without noticing? 


We went to the zoo on Sunday. 

I wore giraffe antlers all day. 
I got a lot of stares.  It was an interesting repeating series of events. 
They would spot me, smile, look around to identify the kids with this incredible interesting and fun mom, realize that I wasn’t with any kids, expression would then change to disgust and/or respect. 
But the kids loved it!  The best thing ever happened near the petting zoo.  Pete and I were walking through the attached playground quite close to a group of kids on some rope contraption.  This little girl stopped, mid-climb and with wide eyes whispered, in the cutest voice you ever heard, “Oh! Hello Mrs. Giraffe.” 


Fourth of July came and went.  Here’s some photographic evidence that we did attempt to celebrate. 

I made a really cheesy playlist entitled “America!!” and annoyed the neighbours for a good hour and a half.  Which I think is perfectly acceptable since I have to suffer through their daily domestic disputes, Wii marathons and trombone practice vs. Brittany mash-ups (When the ’Toxic’ Saints Come Marching In?). 


Finally, housewife left the house numerous times this week. 

Have you recovered? I know it’s a shock.  I’ll wait while you put your head between your knees.

Better?  I’ve been employed for the next 20 days and it requires me to run around the East End of London.  Excitement, right?  Broken toe aside.
However, effectively I am working from home and haven’t quite managed to run the smooth household we have become accustomed.  Ironing was accomplished, but dinners this week are a bit of a joke and we will probably be eating out tonight.  Perhaps a bit of a housewife fail, a reluctant one. Interesting, that. 

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