Monday, 19 September 2011

Admission is the first step

When Pete flipped the calendar a few weeks ago, he immediately said, “that’s you all over.”
And while I haven’t quite got to the point that we have had to resort to cheese and crackers for dinner, I do have a bit of a shoe problem.  We can no longer go to T.K. Maxx as I have to pass the shoe section to get to the homewares and I can’t help but have a glance.  When I finally meet up with Pete in homewares, I am inevitably carrying the shoes I came in and trying out a new contender.  If they are still comfortable by the time we head to the check out, I usually get them. 
To be fair, it is only recently that Pete voiced a concern about this practice.  Over dinner with friends on Friday, he was unusually vocal about our T.K. trips and my burgeoning tribute to Imelda Marcos.  Hmm.  What makes it a bit more embarrassing is that I ‘work’ from home so I very rarely have the need to put on actual shoes.  I spend the majority of my days in socks and slippers.  But a girl has needs. 
Unfortunately, my ‘needs’ are beginning to take over the house.  I currently have shoes stored in at least four different areas in the house.  Wait, five.  I don’t actually know how many pairs I have in each area and to be honest I am a bit scared to do a head count (foot count?).  I have a feeling I will find that I have enough pairs to wear a different pair every day of the month and still have some left over.  In my defence, some are very specialized.  I mean, hiking boots cannot be included in the count as they are necessary, but only used for very special occasions.  The same can be said of my wedding shoes and other related ‘dress’ shoes.  These are only brought out for cocktail parties or photo shoots, so those shouldn’t count either.  Then there are the seasonal pairs that really should only be counted when they are in season.  I can’t be expected to get rid of my flip flops and cute sandals just because I only wear them for three months out of the year.  Same goes for the tall boots.
So really……..If we continue this line of logic, it’s completely reasonable to have four, five, shoe zones.  One for each season and 'special use.' 

Hello, my name is Ariel and I am a shoe addict. 

Next week, handbags and totes.  

Oh my!


  1. Haha, that's funny . . . himself calls me Imelda Marcos as a nickname. Sadly, it's completely unwarranted . . . :(

  2. I think it's genetic. Mom had always called me Imelda and my daughter already has too many that she parades around over the course of the day. Don't know where we got it from though, our mom's aren't shoe people.