Monday, 5 September 2011

An Experiment

I would like to begin by asking for a moment of silence. 
For the last five years, every night at 8pm, we were treated to yet another rerun of Friends.  For the last five years, we could always count on a little ridiculous comedy over dinner.  For the last five years, we have watched the gags coming and laughed every. Single. Time.  For the last five years, Friends has been our comfort food and blanket.  But no longer.  It’s a sad day.  Join me in silence.

And now, onto even more superficial discussions. 
Last week, I was engaged in a very important experiment.  In preparation for our mini-expedition to Morocco I didn’t blow-dry my hair all week.  I know.  Earth-shattering.  Let me try and explain. 
I have stick-straight, fine, thick, frizzy, limp hair.  I know it seems like that combination is a bit contradictory, but it is the truth, and every hairdresser I have ever had has marvelled at the contradiction that is my hair.  It has taken me the better part of my lifetime, and more mind-power than I would like to admit, to figure out the whole situation.  I have finally come to the combination of short cut, Aveda ‘mousse,’ good round brush, decent blow-dryer, let air-dry for a few minutes before beginning ‘styling,’ maybe a spray of dry shampoo.  This routine has served me well for the last few months and has relieved a lot of undue stress. 
We travel fairly regularly and I refuse to pack a hair-dyer (the centrepiece of my styling routine).  Usually, this isn’t an issue as every half-decent hotel has a hair-dryer-like contraption and most friends/families houses also have one in a cupboard as well.  However, on our upcoming mini-expedition, I am not expecting to find such a contraption in any of the accommodation set up for those two+ weeks.  Thus begins the dilemma. 
I know.  It’s completely superficial.  When travelling, hair condition should not be one’s main concern, and to be fair, it usually isn’t one of mine.  However, after looking back on our photos from Africa and those infamous wedding photos, I am distracted from all the lovely memories by the scraggly, oily mess that is my hair/fringe situation.  It's completely self-indulgent and ridiculous.  I know.  I will not have this anymore. 
Hence, the experiment.  In truth, it began as an accident.  Last Saturday morning, I got distracted after my shower and by the time I became un-distracted, I realized that my hair, sans blow-dry, was not too shabby (or scraggly or oily).  Yes, it wasn’t sleek, shiny and nicely shaped, but it was very passable for errand-running and, I figure, that works for expedition-ing as well. 
At this point, I would like to thank my hair-dresser for her amazing skill.  I have to believe that the pass-ability of my non-blown-dried hair to her skill with the scissors and her determination to get every Single. Hair. In. Line. With. Every. Other. Single. Hair.  She’s a magician. 
So, for the last week I abstained from blow-drying (being sick really helped that situation actually) and overall, it was a success. 
Now I can really get excited about Morocco and move on to worrying about how to deal with the inevitable car-sickness from travelling in a van over less-than smooth roads, trails, tracks, etc. 


  1. Hair victories are small but awesome. I am in a weird in-between stage. I grew my bangs out because I think I look better without them but now I have incredibly boring hair. Straightish, long, light brown.

  2. I grew my bangs (fringe) out from time to time for the same reason, and because they were always oily and stringy. The last time I grew them out was for my wedding. However, I didn't have them 'styled' with the rest of my hair, I just kept growing them. It resulted in wedding photos with, what appeared to be, a squirrel's wet tail falling down the middle of my forehead. I will never grow them out again.

  3. I got rather too sad about the loss of Friends too.

    I understand about the hair issue. Non oilies just don't understand. I've kept mine long for that very reason. I want a real fringe!