Monday, 12 September 2011

Circus Trend Update

The circus trend continues!
Since I last updated you on the most recently rebirth of circus trends I spotted a few more examples.

Up first, Fashion.  Or majorly discounted fashion warehouses.

I took this photo in TK Maxx on one of our weekend visits.  I think we were looking for socks.  I left with two pairs of socks, a metal spoon, a linen top, a tablecloth, and probably a pair of shoes.  It’s a sickness, I know.  I blame the advertising.

These pamphlets were collected at the local library on my monthly rummage.  Sometimes I can’t wait to have kids so that I have an excuse to attend events like this.  Breathe, Mum, I said, sometimes.  I would go on my own if I knew how to juggle or make balloon animals.  I could pass myself off as the 'special guest.'

This is a shot from my scrapbook, but it is the logo of the Greenwich Comedy Festival.  They set up a Big (and small) Top every year down at the Royal Naval College.  Last Friday we were enjoying a drink at the neighbouring Old Brewery and thought we might be in for a treat.  The tent was partially erected and we thought we might be witness to one of the best shows of the circus, the tent raising.  Three hours later and the tent was still on the ground.  Shameful.  Any self-respecting tent crew would have had it up two and a half hours earlier and be sitting down for a drink after a well deserved shower and meal.  Shameful. 
Just goes to show, you can’t fake the circus.  Some things cannot be replicated.

Speaking of tents.  This next one came through our mail slot last week.  IKEA Kids is venturing into the circus, again.  They flirted with the circus a few years ago (and I may or may not have squirreled away a few items) but nothing on this scale.  You can see that I have already earmarked this item for Christmas.  I will have my own circus tent whether I fit in it or not!!!

In other tent news, Kelly Miller Circus has a new one.   You can head over to Mudshow Diaries to get a few sneak peeks at the new digs.  It’s very shiny and new.  They desperately needed a new tent.  I remember looking up every evening, considering the holes above and deciding whether a hood would be needed for the evening performance.  However, as one that no longer has to work under the dripping vinyl, I miss the red and blue stripes of the old one and the field of stars inside.  When I gazed at those holes and sunlight streamed through them into the dark interior, I always had the fleeting thought that these pin pricks looked like the real thing next to the faded painted stars.   

One of the old tents, circa 2008, in Southwood, NY.  This was one of those perfect circus days.  Not too hot, clear skies, light breeze and good pizza place in walking distance.

Another old tent, circa 2009, Kelleys Island, OH.  This was the season immediately following my brief tour. This tent wasn't nearly as pin pricked as the one I worked under, but just as pretty. 

Good-bye, old friends. 

*by the way, all photos taken by yours truly.  I'm not a photographer. 

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