Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Return and Return, again

You thought I dropped off the map. 
In a way I did. 
Bizarrely, we were better ‘connected’ during this trip than any of our other adventures and at the same time more disconnected from the experience than any of our other adventures. 
The disconnection didn’t come from the WI-FI searches at each hotel but from an attempt to re-live a magical time in our past that can’t be repeated. 
Our return to the African continent is at peril of being erased by our immediate return to the life we created since we last stepped foot on the red soil of Africa.  The only clue we returned and returned again are the mounds of laundry surrounding me and the two sleeping bags waiting to be stowed until the next adventure. 
As with most adventures, we learned a bit about ourselves in the process.  Some lessons were a welcome surprise others just unexpected and still rolling around in our heads. 
But, in case you sense a disappointment in our Moroccan Motoring, we are very happy that we finally saw Morocco and can strike that item on our ‘Place to See’ list.  We have rugs to keep our feet warm and shoes to keep them stylish. 
As I try to get a handle on the detritus that covers our living room floor and the dust that is settling over our memories, I will leave you with a few photos I posted to Twitter along the way. 

Over the next few weeks I will share moments and stories from the roads of Morocco.  Stay tuned for a return to the routine peppered with reflections of our recent return. 

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