Friday, 7 October 2011

Storm before the calm

AAAAHHHH!!!!  The house looks like a bomb exploded.  The living room is occupied by two half-packed backpacks and numerous piles of to-be packed items.  Toiletries in various states of fullness and size are waiting on the bathroom floor to be consolidated and packed away.  Documents are laying waiting to be copied and filed away safely in separate locations. 
The house is waiting to be cleaned but I reckon I only have time to do one room.  I’m leaning toward the bathroom.  After two weeks of Moroccan facilities I think I may appreciate a clean bathroom on return. Of course, it may also appear clean by comparison as is.  Tricky. 
In lieu of vacuuming, I have decided a light ‘DustBusting’ session before turning in will have to suffice.  That is if I can get up the energy to care by the time we head to bed. 
With that, I leave you.  There is a fridge of perishables waiting to be eaten through. 

But don’t despair!!  While I am away I have wrangled some friends and family to keep these pages occupied.  Stay tuned for the next two weeks for my first guest series!!!!

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