Monday, 31 October 2011

Traditions endure

Before I forget,


Our first annual Halloween Cocktail Party went off beautifully.  I am very excited about this new development.  We don’t have much room, but we filled it with friends and good conversation.  The hats were fabulous and the Cocktails were shaken, not stirred.  Perfect. 

Tonight is Trick or Treat night in Greenwich and our pumpkins are waiting.  They have become a bit of a tourist attraction.  I have caught a few adults breaching our territory to have their pictures taken with our creations.  I get palpitations every time.  I can just see the orange orbs tumbling out of their arms and smashing to the pavement.  I don’t mind the photos.  In fact I love that people are taking photos and getting excited about a holiday that is really just a footnote to Bonfire Night, but is it really necessary to pick them up off our window sill?

 I don’t think so.

 Hands Off!!!! 

In other news, November begins tomorrow.  I know.  News Flash!!

But that means that tomorrow also begins  my second round of 30 Days of Thanks.  Last year I was in a really dark place when I began the Days of Thanks.  This year I am in a much better place and it seems a perfect time to reflect on how I have come through the darkness and hopefully how I will remain in the light.  As with last year, I will be travelling during this month.  This is not a necessary part of the practice of gratitude, obviously, but I find sometimes moving outside of your comfort zone reminds you of why you are so comfortable.  That outward movement can be difficult, but sometimes gratitude requires courage. 

I invite you to engage in your own Days of Thanks.  Either here in the comments, on your own blog or in private. 

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading.  I am very grateful for your attention. 

(That one is for free)

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  1. Gosh how rude! Seriously picking them up.

    That is just not cricket.

    Rather tempted to go on a late night sortie to Greenwich to find them!