Tuesday, 4 October 2011

a word on movies and marriage...

Yesterday I went for a run.  I was thinking it would be my last chance before heading off to Morocco.  And the way my knee is feeling today, I might be right. 
At just past the 3K mark, just over halfway, I was ready to be done.  As usual.  Then the music kicked in. 
Beastie Boys Sabotage. 
While I powered on, I began thinking about a movie I had watched twice in the past two days.  The new Star Trek.  I guess it isn’t new anymore, but relatively speaking.  Before I go on, I have a confession to make. 
I am a bit of a Trekkie.  Yes, I am a shoe-aholic and a Trekkie.  It is totally possible. 
I’m not the type of Trekkie that has memorized every episode or gets too bent out of shape about improper quoting, but I am Trekkie enough that I had the Starfleet Academy sticker proudly displayed on the rear window just below my actual University. 
I remember being slightly concerned with the prospect of a new movie.  I needn’t have worried.
Have you seen J.J. Abrams’ take on the franchise?  You should.  Immediately.  Go. Now. Watch. 
Not only is it just awesome.  It also incorporates just enough of the old to be perfect.  Those beeps and bops and breathing new life into those trademark lines.  I mean who knew ‘Live Long and Prosper’ could equate to ‘Go F**k yourself.’  Brilliant!!!
And, getting back to the original spark, any movie that incorporates Sabotage into the opening exposition is already in my good books. 
This movie may become my new go-to favourite.  Do you have these?  Surely you do.  Those movies you put on in the background or watch when you need a little comfort. 
My husband doesn’t really have this need.  He can’t understand watching a movie over and over until you can recite it in your sleep.  As I may have done with The Princess Bride, The Breakfast Club, The Cutting Edge, The Sandlot, numerous Robin Hood movies, Footloose, etc. 
Speaking of, have you seen the previews for the Footloose remake?  Please Do Not.  Look. Away. Now.  It is sacrilegious!!!  I do not think I am alone in this thought.  
I digress.  Back to the good stuff.
The Goonies.  What child of the 80s doesn’t have The Goonies ingrained into their very being? 
I’ll tell you, shall I?  It is disturbing and a bit embarrassing to be honest.   
My Husband. 
I know. 
I have married a man that doesn’t appreciate the brilliance and magic of The Goonies.  It was on TV the other day.  I got very excited.  His response?  “You love The Goonies too much.”

I’m just going to blow past this.  It’s too distressing.  I can’t think about it today.  I’ll think about it tomorrow. (Yet another movie committed to memory.) 

We watched Star Trek instead.  A very pleasing evening was had by all.  I think my husband has the makings of a Trekkie.  He probably won’t admit to this and I did catch him questioning the physics of the movie, but I think there is potential there.  We may not agree on which captain is the best (I’m Picard all the way, I have a feeling Pete would go the Kirk route, although he does enjoy Patrick Stewart in American Dad, so it could go either way) but this shared SciFi (SyFy?) movie interest will go a long way to redeeming ‘the comment which shall not be repeated.

So go on.  Confess.  What are your embarrassing go-to movies? 


  1. Although I am in no way, shape, or form embarrassed about it, The Matrix is my go-to movie. There are many fantastic parts of that film, but the opening sequence of scenes is just wicked awesome.

    And I agree, Goonies is stupendous movie.

  2. Look. I just to chime in and rant about the Footloose remake. Really? It's like the Dirty Dancing remake. REALLY??? Why take everything that is amazing and delicious and turn it into garbage?? I will not partake in the garbage-making, nuh-uh, no way, no how.

  3. The Cutting Edge FTW! I was super excited to hear that there might be a Canadian reality show based on it's premise actually.

    Other embarrassing comfort movies? The Notebook, Princess Bride, Love Actually . . . I may or may not have a thing for overblown romances.

  4. @Steve, lovely to hear from you!! Yes, the first Matrix was mind-boggling! I remember writing my religion final based entirely on the final scene.
    @Kimberly, THANK YOU!!!! What will I do with you gone in South America?! Who will share my woes?
    @Novice Wife, Love Actually!! How could I forget? It's not up there with the classics, but I won't not say that it gets a bit worn around the holidays.

  5. Oooh, I am glad you recommend the Star Trek movie. We have started watching Voyager on Netflix Watch Instantly after completing the entire Battlestar series. I have been avoiding the movie, but now I'll add it to the queue (not surprisingly, Netflix keeps recommending it).

    As for guilty pleasure movies: I would second the love actually and add My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  6. @Rowan, Happy to be of service!!
    I too enjoy Big Fat Wedding, but having married a Croatian, it hits a little too close to home. It has been retired for the next few years.