Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hello Sunshine!

I had somewhere to be this morning (shocker, I know) so I was up and dressing relatively early.  I had an idea in mind for an outfit, but when I tried on the skirt, it was way too big, as was the next one.  (So another trip to the tailor is necessary.)  Then I grabbed a new skirt to try out and it immediately created a fun outfit that I was excited to wear.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is great.  When you get it right and the weather is working and the outfit is ‘appropriate’ for the day’s activities and it’s comfortable, it makes the day that much easier to take on.  I walked out the door, the sun was shining and the wind more breezy than gusty.  I picked up a banana at the offie (shared a familiar smile with the owner) and waved down the bus, and even managed a ‘cute’ little run and possible hair flick.  It was almost like a movie montage when the plucky heroine is heading out into the world to take on a new job or outlook.  Then, on the bus, Dave Matthews came up in the shuffle on the iphone.  Judge me if you will, but I do love me some Dave.  I caused me to smile and I realize that I have stopped listening to Dave for some reason.  I’ve stopped listening to a lot of music I really loved.  A lot of it is from my University days and it makes me remember when I thought I could take on the world.  I was a little too cocky back then, but a little of that cockiness tempered with age and experience might do me some good.
I was working on yet another application yesterday and I noticed something about my CVs.  I rework it slightly with each go around and yesterday I looked back over the numerous versions.  I noticed that they have slowly started to actually reflect who I am, as opposed to who I think HR want.  My ‘personal statements’ have gone from very professional concise statements with lots of buzz words to a much more honest blurb about who I am and what I have to offer (I mean, I used the word ‘flair’ in my last one.  Am I a TGI Friday’s waitress?).  I have also started to add back in all my jobs (like waitressing) and am currently working on a ‘other interests and activities’ section.  I don’t know if it is strategically prudent, but I started to feel like leaving out all my jobs and experience based on what I thought an HR person might be looking for was being unfair to myself.  All of these experiences make up the person I am and the ‘skills’ I can bring to the table.  It felt like I was ashamed.  The same thing with the cover letters.  They have gone from matching ‘duty specs’ to my own skills to concentrating more on my interest and enthusiasm for the job as well as my suitability on paper.  Again, I don’t know if this is good idea strategically, but there it is.  I am going with a reckless (some-what) abandon strategy. I’m mean, at this point, what do I have to lose?
On the subject of denying parts of myself, I have a confession to make.  I have been denying parts of myself here as well.  I have been reluctant to post photos or write about topics that might seem frivolous, or that I don’t have a lot to say about, but I think I am going to go for it.  And so, in the spirit of putting more of myself out there, I have added a photo of myself on the sidebar and also added some contact info on the ‘About’ page (just in case).  And today, in honour of the feel good outfit (that I have since changed out of because I felt it was going to waste while I sat here writing and working on applications) I am sharing it with you.  (please excuse the questionable quality)

Behold, the fun and flirty

So go, put on a fun outfit, listen to some ‘Dave’ (or your equivalent) and be a little cocky.  Let’s see where it takes us. 

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  1. Oooh, I wanna play!

    So I'm wearing a dress that I bought last October (that fits!), some new Dave just came on my iTunes radio station, and I made an amazing-looking blueberry pie this morning. (Yes, I am slightly insane and woke up at 5 a.m. to bake a pie.)

    Hello gorgeous Wednesday. Hello June. Hello summah!