Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sadie's Kitchen

I'm hungry today.  I want to eat every meal on our list this week all at once.  Instead, I am posting some photos of dishes that seemed to warrant a photo at the time.  It's a safe bet I wasn't as ravenous as right now.  Because right now, the idea of taking photos of the plate before diving in (in fact, who needs a plate? I have been known to eat directly out of the pot, although I usually managed to get the pot to the couch.) seems like a huge waste of time. 

But here you go, recipes to follow the next time I decide to add them to the meal list.  Most of these I make frequently, but I still pull the recipe out each time, even if I never look at it.  That way, if something goes wrong, I can blame it on the oven or the stove because obviously it wasn't me, I was *following* the recipe.  No operator's error here.

This first one is a staple soup for the rainy/cold months (so every week).  In the winter we enjoy at least one soup a week in lieu of big comfort food dishes.  They prove just as comforting but keep the winter insulation layer to a minimum.

Carrot, Red Pepper and Cumin Soup

Counter to that, in the warmer months we make big salad dishes twice a week.  This one is a bit of an ongoing experiment.  The first time I fried the chorizo to within an inch of their 'lives' to accidentally create a new kind of crouton.  Still good.  Is chorizo ever not good?  It's like bacon. 

Chorizo and Roast Veggie Salad

In more chorizo adventures, this is the dish we take to all BBQ/Picnic to which we are invited.  This summer (i.e. those two weekends in April that made us all believe we may actually get a summer this year.  Silly us.) we made this three times in two weekends.  Love it!!!!

Chorizo Potato Salad

This next one is also a staple.  It's different everytime, but always good.  This was the first time we added beansprouts (they were hanging around the fridge threatening to go slimy).  Pete usually handles this meal.  I do the cabbage underneath, but Pete mixes the sauce depending how he is feeling that day (the secret is in the sauce).

Soy Chicken on a bed of Savoy Cabbage

I haven't made this next one in a while, but it always surprises me.  It is a simple recipe, if I am remembering correctly, but the flavours are awesome.  Of course, fresh dill is mandatory, no exceptions. 

Courgette and Prawn Pasta

I am in no way a chef/foodie, but I think these attempts put my single-gal one-pot boiling cooking to shame.  Still eating on the couch, though.  Baby steps.  Baby steps to the kitchen table. (Anyone else have a flash to 'What about Bob?' there?)  Funnily enough, it would only take a baby step to reach the kitchen table, but we still prefer to carry dinner up eight steps to the couch.  A mindful attempt to insert exercise into our daily lives or an addiction to 'Friends' repeats? 

Maybe we just focus on the food here?  Agreed?

With that, I am heading to the kitchen to rustle up another chorizo dish.  We may have two addictions to deal with...

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