Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Longest Day

I know you have been dying to know what I have been getting up to, but I have to say it hasn't been much.  It's a busy week here at the TWE house (which means it's probably the level of semi-busy for everyone else).  We are in full-time throes of visa extension paper collection.  I know.  It's so glamorous.  You're jealous, it's okay.  Today I am scanning a year's worth of bank statements from three different bank accounts.  Can you stand it? 

With all this paper-based fun we did manage to squeeze in some actual paper-based fun.  We went to Royal Ascot this past weekend with some lovely friends as a joint anniversary/birthday celebration.  We got a tad soaked on arrival, but the sun came out and the day went swimmingly.  We were in shoe-throwing distance of the Queen (although we would never think of actually throwing a shoe at her majesty) and Pete won on a semi-longshot horse, meaning we came out slightly ahead.  Plus, there were hats to be worn. 

Her Majesty the Queen
Pete's horse winning, which he missed.  He was standing in line somewhere.

Sadly, this next photo is the best we got of my full ensemble.  As you can see, it was at the end of the day and we were getting a little sloppy.  Nothing too embarrassing, just partaking in the tradition of going from classy to trashy when betting and alcohol are involved. 

That's classy!
There were no Eliza Doolittle moments to be had, sadly.  We couldn't swing an invite to the Royal Enclosure and I was never really clear about how my horse was doing in the course of the race.  I shouted general encouragement which was lost admist the roar of the Grandstand. 

That should hold you for a few days, yes? 

You want more? 

my DNA source

Thirty years ago today, on the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), my parents got married with flowers in their hair.  (I would show you a wedding photo, but they were Polaroids and might be lost in a box somewhere. Hippy days in San Fran will have to do.)

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!!! 

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