Tuesday, 24 January 2012

And in this corner...

The first corner of the clear-out is done.  Only fifty to go. 
It wasn’t nearly as cathartic as I hoped, but it is a start.  In fact, I had to stop myself from continuing on to the other two hording corners of the living room.  It wasn’t enough of a purge.  I let my clearing frenzy pour over into the adjacent mantle and hearth, but I stopped just short of the TV console. 
I kept telling myself, ‘no need to go whole-hog.’  Baby steps. 
 The result is a slightly cleaner visual and a box of 20 books to donate to the charity shop (2 were pulled out at the last minute).  No surprises this time around.  No floods of emotion or memory.  No delays caused by nostalgic flipping-through.  With one exception.  And I only went through 10 sneezing fits despite covering my nose and mouth with a bandana, bank-robber/cowboy style.   
I threw out two used up candles that have been ‘used-up’ for years but have stayed around because they were gifts.  No more.  They fulfilled their purpose in life and I enjoyed them but they will no longer collect dust on my hearth! 
I also finally hung some Christmas gifts (with sticky tac because we rent) which freed up a bit more visual space and makes the walls a little less depressing rental-beige. 


Next up is the TV consul (after off-loading the first box of books, of course).  I predict this will be a harder clear out.  What to do with all those CDs?  Yes, they’re downloaded onto iTunes, but what if we suddenly lose our iTunes catalogue or have to wipe it (again).  Isn’t it nice to have the back-ups? 
However, our CD collections haven’t really progressed passed our respective college years.  Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to lose the old reggae and angry girl rock of our early 20s. 

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