Monday, 16 January 2012

A light goes out

Friday evening, after writing about finding ease and taking my time, I received very sad news.
A woman I have known for most of my life passed away. 
I haven’t spoken to her in years, decades.  However, I am sure she affected my personality, affected me, before I even knew people could do such a thing. 

Dec 1983

She was giving, kind and an entrepreneur.  She owned and operated a childcare centre at which I spent quite a few afternoons and summer days. 

Rock 'n Roll Day
(I know you're jealous of my boom-box)

She used to tell me I had a smile that lit up the world.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it always made me feel special.  Still does. 
I think she, herself, lit up many people’s worlds. 
The world may be a bit dimmer without her, but I think it would be dimmer still if she had never been around.  Her single light illuminated the world exponentially through the people she touched.

She always made a beautiful photo/scrap book for every child when they finally left the center for school.  These photos (which I 'borrowed' in November) from my day at the Children's Center are the best I can do from here.  I wish I had borrowed one in which I am smiling.

Much love and condolences to her family. 


  1. Ariel, I am so sorry for your loss...for the world's loss. How sad. Hopefully she's up there doing something wonderful with the children who left this life too soon, or never made it down.

    I love your blogs...and for the record, I agree with her on your smile. Light away lady! :) We could all use a little brightness in our lives. :)

    Much love to you and Pete!

  2. gosh, i'm so sorry for this loss. wishing you strength and peace during this time.