Monday, 17 January 2011

ArielGraphy gets some discipline

In a attempt to keep myself busy and productive I am adding a few regular features. 

Tuesday Fit Day:  Here I will be recounting my Weight Watchers experience, lessons learned, anecdotes, and general fitness success and failures.
Friday will bring a new feature, the Chronicles of a Reluctant Housewife.   These entries will document my love/hate relationship with my housewife status.  Here I will write about how I tried to get a small stain out of a shirt and ended up with a large bleach spot on the brand new and overly expensive shirt, or how I left a mould ring on my brand new tablecloth from a flower vase or my first Thanksgiving for actual guests complete with cocktails, nibbles, main meal & dessert.  Maybe I will even throw in a few tips and hints about living and surviving the Reluctant Housewife life.
I will be continuing the Ariel & Sadie series more regularly.  This started as a look back at the girl I used to be and what she might have to say about the ‘married ladie’ I have become.  It has now become a place for me to look at how the two identities might come together. 
Of course, regular random ramblings, rantings and soul searching will continue between features.

In related news, I will be updating the sister blog, Rummaging in the Attic, at least once a week with memories, scenes, character profiles, ideas and proposals.  I will also be creating new semi-regular features in the Attic.  Be sure to check over there in the next week for updates. 

So keep your radios tuned to this frequency and enjoy.

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