Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Chinese Star

Welcome to Tuesday Fit-Day.  A weekly meditation on fitness goals, successes and failures.  Thinking about it once a week is a step toward making it a part of everyday.

Another Weight Watchers sticker day.  This week I got a 5% sticker, not sparkly.  This means that I have lost 5% of my body weight.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is the beginning of a visual difference.  My silhouette is visibly slimmer in a pair of jeans (and let’s be honest, jeans are the hardest piece of clothing to feel good in, topped only by a bathing suit). 
But this is also the place where I would have stopped if I was doing this on my own.  Fitting into jeans that got a bit too tight is usually the goal.  This is the point at which the discipline of Weight Watchers is really going to help. 
There is more work to be done.  It is not as rewarding as it was in the beginning.  I’m only losing a half pound to a pound each week despite doing better on my daily points and making better food choices.  But this change is a sustainable one I think.  Pete and I had Chinese Take-Away for dinner last night after my Weight Watchers meeting.  This could have been a slippery slope.  We usually inhale the entire order in two quick servings. 
Here’s how I know that the habits created through Weight Watchers are sticking.  I made my usual size first serving in my bowl with a few alterations.  Less rice, less artificially vivid red sauce, more vegetables and chicken.  We sat down and I ate slower, chewed a bit more, and before the end of this bowl I was full.  No need to run down to the kitchen to fill up again. 
Chinese take-away is back on the menu, albeit sparingly.  Gold Star!!!

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