Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Weight Watchers: Crusin’ along

I didn’t meet my goal of maintaining over the holidays.  I actually lost 2.5 lbs!!!!  How about that?! 
It wasn’t easy.  I could easily have eaten every single cookie and brownie in the house and then washed it down with the newly stocked bar without a second thought.  But I didn’t.  And it wasn’t so bad.
Our isolation was a godsend actually.  If we had to go around to numerous family dinners I would have been lucky to maintain my pre-holiday weight.  In fact, based on previous experience, I probably would have gained 5% instead of almost losing it (I’m about 2.5 lbs away).
It hasn’t gotten any easier, even with the success.  Seeing the pounds disappear is an incentive, but I haven’t really set any goals.  Over the break we took care of that end.  In an attempt to escape the marvellous London weather and finally get some of that relaxation the honeymoon re-negged on, we booked a Caribbean cruise for the end of February. 
A Cruise!!!  I know.  But not just a cruise, a P&O cruise.  Apparently very fancy.  So fancy, in fact that the travel agents tried to steer us away from this particular company.  I guess when we roll-in in hoodie sweatshirts, week-old jeans and beanies, we don’t scream luxury. 
So there is the goal.  I need to be presentable in a bathing suit and cocktail dresses in a little less than 8 weeks.  And by presentable I mean I need to be able to view any photographic evidence of the cruise without cringing. 
Away we go!!!

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