Friday, 26 November 2010

10-7 Days of Thanks

I am a bit behind.  I blame a hotel with limited internet and hotel limbo.

10: Holidays with the husband.  Even if it is only a day of wandering in a new neighbourhood. 
9: Trains and radio programs.  I long for a trip on one of those opulent long-distance trains with beautiful sleeping compartments and classy dining cars and smoky (in decor, not air) bar cars.  I spent my train journey listening to radio shows.  I love the radio medium.  It was such a comfort when I was on the circus.  My only connection to the word outside the lot. 
8: A great night of sleep. I might have already done this one, but it is so rare that when it happens I really am grateful and don’t want it to end. 
7: Family Tradition.  This is a big one to tack onto the end of a quick list, but on this day when I began the prep for my first Thanksgiving (beyond Pete and I) I am thinking of my family traditions and how I am adding them to our new family while changing them to fit our new life and new traditions.  I’m thinking of all those people travelling to distant families to say ‘Thanks’ and ‘I love you’ on this day, if not other day of the year.  It can be hard keeping up family traditions on our own, especially when we live in a country that isn’t our own.  But our adopted country (for now) is affecting our traditions in a way that will stay with our new family for years to come and be a continuing part of our family’s story.  I love this. 

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