Tuesday, 2 November 2010

29 Days of Thanks

29. The Couch Duvet

It’s like a lovely cloud of purple comfort.  It was a birthday present from Pete on my first birthday in the UK.  He knows me so well.  He loves making fun of me when I snuggle so deeply that only my nose and eyes are visible. 
The couch duvet has provided comfort in low and high moments.  I curl up in it when I am rewarding myself in celebration for reaching a goal (say finishing the PhD) but more frequently it provides a security nest when feeling less than celebratory (say this never-ending cold or when all career prospects seem to disappear).  What a versatile piece of house furnishing. 
There is a significance to why it is the couch duvet that makes the list and not the bed cover.   Lying in bed all day curled up in the duvet just feels lazy and self-indulgent.  Wrapped in the duvet on the couch is almost productive, multi-tasking.  On the couch I can watch TV, use the laptop to get work done, observe the neighbourhood comings and goings (the guy across the way insists on wearing only an athletic cup when opening the curtains each morning and the lady one house over seems to be running a half-way house) and balance a snack on the footstools.  I can pretend to be a mysterious recluse trapped inside by a debilitating phobia, my only connection to the outside world provided by my husband and the free paper he brings home each evening, which I devour hungrily for news and gossip.  This pretend is much harder to stage from the bedroom. 
This pretend has become a bit too real in the last few weeks and the couch duvet is working overtime providing comfort in low moments.  I think it would be thankful for some time off or at least some celebratory snuggling.  I’ll work on that. 
For now, I’m switching to the lighter fleece throw. 

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