Thursday, 4 November 2010

27 Days of Thanks

27.  Good Friends

I know you were waiting for the deep ones.  Here comes the first (by the way, the one that everyone is waiting for is obviously first on the list, which means near the end).  Anyway, today it is good friends.  I can count them on two hands.  Apparently (according to scientific studies) that is all you need, a few close, good friends.  Except my close friends are an ocean, or watery channel, away (with the exception of the one ).  Because they are so far away I forget that I can still reach out to them and they will always be there. 
I got a reminder of that today. 
My dear friend Magen, who claims responsibility for Pete and I, sent me a graduation card today.  She just wanted to say ‘Congrats, Dr.!’  I haven’t spoken to her, actually spoken, in ages.  I leave phone messages (because she screens) and we exchange the rare email message to congrats on some life achievement, birthday, anniversary, etc.  Lately I have been feeling like we have been drifting as friends.  We are both married now and live miles apart and are moving in different directions.  And then this silly Graduation card comes in the mail today and I realize that she will always be a dear close friend.  We probably won’t live close to each other again, but I know I can count on her to be there when I really need her.  I know she will be there to listen and sort through my crazy to get to the real issue. 
So today I am thankful for good friends.  No matter how far away. 

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