Monday, 22 November 2010

11 Days of Thanks

11: crepes
When the sun is shining and you can sit in a little cafe on the square and people watch while munching on a crepe of Nutella and banana.  What a lovely lunch.  Surprisingly filling as well. 
Today we went out and explored a part of the city that we barely touched last time.  Montmartre.  We had a look around the ‘artists’ square and little shops.  We bought a quirky ceramic bowl at an artist’s shop down an alley. 
Then we decided to continue our failed search for the Rose Line.  Last time we were in Paris, I had just seen the DiVinci code and was obsessed with finding Paris’ version of the Prime Meridian.  We photographed many Copper lines in pavement and churches and once in a busy street.  None were the right one, but it just became a ‘thing’ to find every possible line.  On our return we read that the ‘real’ Rose Line was in the courtyard of the Palais Royal north of the Louvre.  We headed there this time determined to finish the search three years later.  No go.  The entire court yard was dug up and barricaded off.  Foiled again.
We decided to walk the distance through the park and Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe and then head back to the hotel.  However at that point I had to pee, yet again.  This is a forever problem for us when we head out for a day.  I always have to find some public toilet.  Usually terrifyingly filthy and requires quite a feat of balance to use without emerging with a cocktail of germs and wet pant legs.  The public toilet I found in the Jardin des Tulieries was the best public toilet I have ever used.  It didn’t cost anything, smelled of bleach, was clean and bright.  Just what I needed. 
I will probably won’t be so lucky again. 

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