Wednesday, 10 November 2010

21 Days of Thanks

21. sleeping socks
I’m always chilly.  I used to make fun of my mom for always being cold.  Now I understand.  I’m always chilly. 
Ever since the circus I have kept thick socks by the bed for when my feet get too cold at night.  Sometimes they just won’t warm up.  Pete makes fun of my sleeping socks.  I don’t understand this.  If you have ever been in his parents’ house in winter, I can’t imagine he didn’t sleep in full-on snowboarding gear. 
I’m not big on wearing too many clothes to bed (don’t get too excited) I tend to get a bit tangled with too many layers.  However, my first few months on the circus, I was in full on mummy gear at bedtime.  A motorhome isn’t the warmest of places to live.  I did have central heating but I’m pretty sure most of it immediately moved outside despite the blankets hung over the windows (advice from circus veterans).  Also, while it was never necessary in my few months, there is always the chance that one might have to move one’s house in the middle of the night or be needed for some emergency.  Finally, 5:30 am is a cold time of day.  I was not willing to expose skin to the air in order to change into ‘day’ clothes.  On really cold mornings I drove in my PJs. 
On the coldest nights I wore PJ bottoms, thick socks, mukkulucks, tank top, long sleeve shirt, hoodie (with hood pulled up), and sometimes a wooly hat (with hood).  And of course, heavy duvet.  Nice and toasty. 
Pete has learned to love the sleeping socks, it could be worse. 

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