Monday, 22 November 2010

13 Days of Thanks

13: ‘Stolen’ apples
After a night drinking with Pete’s bosses in the hotel bar and feeling rough this morning, I am incredibly thankful for the apples I have been systematically taking from the continental breakfast and fitness room.  I can’t face going down to breakfast.  I have a pounding headache (which probably won’t go away as I am going to miss my morning coffee and after 10am caffeine keeps me awake at night) and dodgy stomach and digestive system  (TMI, I know).  These 3 apples and the packet of crisps from yesterday will be perfect.   
I recall a plan to go to a club tonight at midnight.  That is definitely not happening.  I really do not enjoy drinking to excess anymore and my body takes it even harder.  I will eventually have to go and get some lunch.  Not looking forward to that.  The ladies at ‘Paul’ are not nice to non-French speakers regardless of my efforts.  Or at least they are not nice to me during the rush.  If I was asking for complicated service I could understand the frustration.  I’m just pointing to a pre-made sandwich or salad and handing over money.  Not even a coffee or drink.  Less time than the surrounding French business suits.  Oh well.  I still need my lunch. 
Here’s an unrelated tip: don’t have major life discussions while having cocktails.  At the end of the night, Pete and I began discussing when we were going to start having kids.  Not the right moment really.  And we didn’t cover any new ground either.  A waste of good drunken conversation which could have been spent making wildly optimistic travel plans.    

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