Monday, 22 November 2010

12 Days of Thanks

12: room service
Not in this particular hotel, but in general I love, and am very thankful for, room service.  After a day of wandering a new, exciting city in the cold and rain.  It’s so great to be able to come back to the room, cuddle up in pajamas, put a movie on the lap top and order some comfort food to be eaten in bed. 
The food on offer here isn’t that appetising, but we have ordered enough room service that on Wednesday we were surprised by some gorgeous macaroons.  Lovely.
Some like to find an out of the way restaurant where all the ‘locals’ go for their evening meal and drink.  We do that frequently enough, but sometimes you just want to eat in your pajamas.  I feel like it adds to the luxury and decadence of staying in a hotel, even a mediocre business park hotel. 

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