Tuesday, 2 November 2010

When Ariel met Sadie: The Paris Decision

In another episode of what advice would 18 year-old Ariel would give 30-something Sadie...
When presented with an expenses-paid, 4-day trip to Paris.........GO!!! 
This sounds like a no-brainer, but yesterday when I had to decide whether I was going to accompany my lovely husband on his business trip to Paris, I wasn’t as sure.  Ridiculous, right?  But I had a list of reasons why it might be better for me to stay at home for those four days: an opportunity to really clean the house, get on to that clothes clean out, prep Thanksgiving Day dinner, maybe rearrange some furniture.  In terms of being in Paris, I would be spending the days by myself.  What if it’s crap weather? I would be stuck in a hotel room in a Parisian business park in the suburbs watching French daytime television.  Or if I wonder the city alone, what if I get lost?  I don’t speak French, I hate whipping out the map, especially if I get myself stuck in a weird neighbourhood.  Who would I point out interesting sites to?  Who would help me search out the Rose Line?  What would I wear in the most fashionable city in the world?  I haven’t been to the gym in weeks, nothing fits and I have no cute, sensible walking shoes.  If I am going to wander Paris myself I at least need to look fabulous, ala Carrie Bradshaw in series finale.  Although, if I’m honest, I always thought wondering rainy Paris in stilettos was a bit ridiculous. 
This all just illustrates that I have become way too comfortable sitting on the couch catching up on Forensic Crime Dramas and pretending to work on journal articles and book chapters. 
After crying over the decision for an hour (my husband is really a saint to restrain himself from telling me I was being ridiculous and instead doing his ‘Joey speaks French’ impression to make me laugh) I sat in the bathroom composing myself and thought again about what my younger self would have to say about my current ‘crisis.’  And the answer was ....
DUH!  Go to Paris!  Your dashing husband goes on business trips to fabulous cities and you have the freedom to go along.  You can clean the house any day during your CSI marathon.  Who cares what you wear!  Enjoy the opportunity to wander Paris (and maybe treat yourself to some cute sensible shoes).  Go to Paris!
So I’m going to Paris at the end of the month and hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner with guests the day after I get back.  How wonderfully grown-up and jet-setting.  If nothing else, it’s something to force me back into the gym routine in an attempt to de-bloat.

**In more evidence that my younger self is on the right track...This morning a friend from the circus wrote to tell me that she will be in Paris all winter!!  Not only do I not have to wander the city alone, but I have a Parisian guide as well. 

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